Chris wasvery professional and very fast service. Thanks for coming out on sunday and getting our air back to working .. response time was less 30 minutes
I called Mission Critical in the morning and they arrived in the afternoon. Chris came out and was very thorough and explained everything to us. After calling around to three other brand name HVACs in the Warner Robins area they provided us the best price and didn't charge us for a second opinion. We are very satisfied with the service provided to us today! If you are in need of HVAC services book with them today they are super quick!!
The service rep, Travis Veronee, was prompt and very courteous. He knew his business and did the job in great fashion. I will us Mission Critical Comfort Solutions for future needs.
Mission Critical is awesome! Answer the phone any time day or night, and they will tell you or talk you through anything without trying to oversell. Case in point: I self- diagnosed a dead fan motor and I asked if they could get me one. DJ checked with his suppliers and said that he couldn't get a universal or third party motor for it, but her could get an factory replacement for $300 and recommended I order it online. Then he recommended a new capacitor as well. I got the new motor online for $140 and the capacitor for $12. Turns out, the problem was the capacitor. Then they offered to take the spare motor off my hands. He basically talked me through a process that would have cost me $400 (if they did it all) for $12. 10/10 would call again!
I trust them over any other HVAC business in the state! DJ and his team are true professionals who go out of their way to ensure you and your family have piece of mind. Thanks for all you do!!
These guys do great work! I was very impressed. I had a bad situation left by some incompetent people and they came in and fixed the problem and did it in a short time. The costs were very reasonable. I will use them again and again!
Very, very pleased with them and their work. Very professional and prices were reasonable. They helped me through a very difficult situation left by some unscrupulous businesses. I highly recommend them!
They were very prompt, efficient, and reasonable. At a time when I constantly run into incompetent businesses, they are very refreshing. They have won me over as a customer. Thank you!
Very knowledgeable and very considerate. My air was out and I needed a new unit. They were committed to getting it done ASAP. Now were sitting in comfort! Thank You!
The best AC guys I've dealt with in Middle Georgia in 20 years. I highly recommend.
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