Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner System

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Choosing a Ductless System

The Bonaire, Georgia area is as hot and humid as it can be. Unfortunately, it is also the time when homeowners can find out their air conditioner has gone out. And so, begins the search for a new system. Many homeowners are considering a ductless air conditioner system these days, but why? 

What is a ductless AC system? 

A d ductless air conditioner system, often referred to as a mini-split system, contains two components: one is outdoor, and one is indoor, which is wall-mounted sometimes. They are connected by electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing. The indoor component is what delivers cooled or heated air into the living space without any ductwork, hence the “ductless” in ductless AC systems. 

Is a ductless AC better than other ACs?

Central air conditioning cools the air with a centrally placed unit. That cooled air is distributed through air ducts, providing home a comprehensive cooled home. However, the air ducts must be installed and maintained, both an additional expense that a ductless air conditioner system doesn’t have.

Another concern with air ducts, they can be damaged and come apart, allowing that cooled air to escape into the attic. This alone makes ductless air conditioner systems more energy efficient.

What are the pros and cons of ductless AC?

A ductless air conditioning system is a new technology, and you’ll find it in commercial, industrial, and residential applications today. It is available to dual serve with both cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. 

The Pros of a Ductless Air Conditioning System: 

  • Flexible and small, having one in each room if desired
  • Each unit has its own thermostat. 
  • Ductless means no air leaks from the air ducts
  • Collects fewer contaminants and dust

The Cons of a Ductless Air Conditioning System:

  • High upfront cost, up to 30% more than a central air conditioning system
  • Visible in each room installed, takes from the aesthetics
  • Some don’t like that the unit is inside the home, and very visible. 
  • Experienced installation and service may be difficult to find

Can ductless AC cool an entire house?

Businesses and homeowners today are all about customizing and personalizing, including heating and cooling. Ductless air condition systems are the answer to this desire, they can do what central air conditioning can’t do. 

With a central unit, you need to choose the proper size to get the most benefit, and it has the additional expense of having ductwork installed and maintained too. A ductless air conditioning system is designed so you can expand as needed, and it will cool from the very bottom level of your home or business, to the highest area. How? You can use a separate ductless air conditioning system in each room or in as many rooms as needed to keep your business or home comfortable. 

Ductless air conditioning systems have multi-zone capabilities that allow the temperature to be independently controlled in each room or area.  The size is still a factor along with the following: 

  • Expansion capabilities
  • Size of your home
  • Brand

Is a ductless system worth it?

Yes, the benefits of a ductless AC system make this one of the best choices in cooling a business or home today because it is scalable. You can install units in each room or area and set the temperature for that each room or area. They can be installed to hang from the ceiling, or they can be wall-mounted. 

Each unit will need a small hole for the refrigerant tubing that is connecting the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. They should be done by a licensed professional due to the electrical needs may require additional wiring. 

Do ductless AC units use a lot of electricity?

Ductless air conditioning systems use approximately 600 watts per hour, making them more energy-efficient than the traditional central air condition system, and the numbers prove that.  The average American household pays approximately $0.13 per kWh for electricity. This can vary between companies, location, and size of houses. 

If a ductless air conditioning system is run constantly for 24 hours, it will use around 430 kWh for the month. That is less than $60 for the electric bill. Every brand will have some variance in its energy efficiency, you’ll do yourself a favor and research them before making a purchase. 

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At The End Of The Day 

If you make that upfront investment with ductless air conditioning system, in one room, several rooms, or every room, you probably want to know – does ductless AC add value to a home? Yes, the upfront cost is high, but it will be an investment in your home. But the ROI will come in lower energy bills, no air ducts to clean or maintain, and improved air quality! 

And if you choose to sell your home, potential buyers are always looking for homes that offer energy efficiency. Because ductless air conditioning systems are new technology, you’ll benefit by having proof available for a potential buyer to review, like your energy bills before and after.