Is broken AC a maintenance emergency?

couple dealing with a broken air conditioner

Dealing With a Broken AC

Is a broken air conditioner an emergency? Ask anyone in the Bonaire, Georgia area during the summer, and they’ll tell you yes, emergency AC repair is absolutely necessary! Or is it really, what is considered an emergency for AC? When you are experiencing any of the following, you definitely have an emergency AC repair need: 

  • Odd, Strange Sounds: If your air conditioning is making a shrieking noise, there are a couple of possible reasons. The fan belt may be loose, which a routine professional AC maintenance program could avoid this from happening. For the immediate time though, you need to turn the system off and call an emergency AC repair service. Another cause of a shrieking sound could be a problem with the compressor. Shut the system off immediately and call for an emergency AC repair service. 
  • Strange Odors: If your air conditioner has a burning odor, it is either an electrical issue or the air conditioning system has overheated. Either way, turn the system off immediately and call an emergency AC repair service.
  • No Air Flowing: If your air conditioning isn’t kicking on, or there isn’t any air flowing out, your air conditioning system is malfunctioning. Two possibilities could be the thermostat needs to be calibrated or replaced, or the problem could be the blower motor has gone out. These can be repaired by an emergency AC repair technician. Another possibility could be your air conditioning system needs to be replaced. The only way to know which of these are the problem is to call an emergency AC repair service. 

How much does emergency ac repair cost?

There are a few factors that are considered in the cost of an emergency AC repair service call such as: 

  • The time of the day or night
  • Holidays and weekends
  • How extensive is the problem

On average, an emergency AC repair call is typically double or triple a regular AC repair service call with the rates running $150 to $250 per hour plus parts. 

Should I turn my AC off if it is not cooling?

Definitely, this should be the first thing you do after a few checks to see if you can get it cooling again. If you hear odd noises or smell anything different, turn the system off and call for an emergency AC repair service call. 

How can I cool things down if the AC is broken?

While waiting on an AC service technician, keep your home cooler with the following tips: 

  • Box Fans, Ceiling Fans, Stand Fans: No, box fans and stand fans are not going to cool your house, but the circulating air will help keep you cool. You can place a container full of ice in front of box fans will make the air cooler! 
  • Eat Out or Take Out: Keeping the oven and stove off will minimize the heat building up. Time to eat out or bring dinner home, or if eating at home is the only option, time to get the grill fired up! 
  • Cold Showers: Yes, that can be chilling even thinking about it, but what better way to cool off than a cold shower. Let the kids play in the sprinkler and of course, if you have a swimming pool, jump in. 
  • Cover the Windows: Yes, sunshine through the windows is wonderful, but it can also be heating your home up. Close the blinds and curtains for now. 

Why is my AC running but not blowing cool air?

If your AC isn’t blowing cold air, there are several things that could be the cause. There are some things you can check yourself if you know what to check if your AC is not cooling. Those things include: 

  • Check the thermostat is set to cool and auto.
  • Check the air filter, replace it if dirty. 
  • Check the circuit breaker. 
  • Check the power switch to the unit. 

If these things are all good, and you’re still not getting cold air from the unit, it is time to make an emergency AC repair call. 

What causes an AC unit to stop working?

There can be several reasons by an air conditioning unit stops working. Among those reasons are: 

  • The thermostat
  • The air filter
  • The condenser
  • The compressor

If your air conditioning system is 10 years old or older, it may be time to replace the unit! 

couple relaxing after AC repair

Closing Words 

So, is no AC in summer an emergency? As we mentioned earlier, if there is a burning smell coming from the air conditioner or a loud screeching sound, no matter how hot the temperatures are outside, it is worthy of an emergency AC repair service call. 

If the outside temperature is over 90 degrees, yes, that is an emergency. If there are elderly, young children, or critically ill residents in your home, and the weather is hot and humid outside, you have an emergency AC repair need!