What Is Air Duct?

AC Ventilation System in a Building

Learn More About Air Duct Systems

Your air duct system is essential is producing air throughout your home and business. They work with your HVAC system and can be made of various shapes, materials, sizes and more that can greatly influence the production fo your airflow. Every property will come across maintenance, repairs, and replacements so it’s important to get familiar with the type of air duct and HVAC system you have in order to get proper parts, materials, and more. When in doubt as to what to do and when to have maintenance get in touch with a professional HVAC company for services and assistance. Until then, here is some helpful information regarding air duct systems.

What does air duct mean?

Your air duct is an essential part of your HVAC system that will distribute air around your property. How air duct systems work are with tunnels, pipes or ducts that are interconnecting and distribute air through air vents in rooms. 

How much is AC duct?

Replacing a system of an air duct will depend on the type of ducts used like materials and flexibility as well as the length and local rates. Replacing aging, leaking otherwise unfitting ductwork will costa round $35-$55 per linear foot and this counts for materials and labor FOr single-family homes this cost be $1,000-$5,000 or more. 

When Air Duct Cleaning Is Necessary

Air duct cleaning is necessary at least annually as there are times where your air duct system will have uneven humidity, moisture levels or unclean filters which can encourage mold growth.

Can air duct cleaning help allergies?

Cleaning your air duct will be significant in assisting with allergy symptoms as that is where dust, pollen and more are caught, collected, or become airborne. Your filters should be cleaned 1-3 months yet if there are pets or smokers in the property monthly is recommended. Cleaning your ducts as well as important as dirt ducts can form mold, allergens, dust and other contaminants that can worsen air quality and therefore cause occupants to become sick or even develop allergies if it’s over an extended period of time. 

How long does ductwork last in a house?

A typical air duct system will last for 10-15 years before you start to see problems emerge. The maximum lifespan od ductwork is 20-25 years yet it’s recommended to replace ducts at the age of 15 as major issues like collapsed sections, gap or pests can appear.

Should I replace ductwork?

Typically the 15-year mark is the time that you should replace your ductwork as that is when it will start to deteriorate and reduce your energy efficiency significantly. However, if you are seeing problems emerge prematurely and they can’t be cleaned or repaired as a solution it may be that that system of ducts doesn’t match your property specifications and will need to be altered.

Vent & Air Ducts For AC System

Types of Air Ducts

  • Sheet Metal Air Ducts (Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, etc.)
  • Fiberglass Lined Air Ducts
  • Fiberboard Air Ducts
  • Flexible Air Ducts

What is the best type of ductwork?

There are many air duct types out there that can provide exceptional air distribution throughout your property. Sheet metal is regarded as the most durable option out there since they are not porous which makes them less likely to develop mold or other biological growth. There are even options for sheet metal to come lines with internal or external fiberglass liners.

Is flex duct better than hard duct?

That will depend on the type of heating and cooling systems. A flex duct is better for the existing trunk and branch HVAC systems as they are more flexible and versatile. FOr an entire HVAC system, metal ducts are the better option as they are more rigid. As far as faster and easier installation a flex duct will be the one.

Contact A professional HVAC company

When you’re looking to find the right air duct system for your property it’s essential to reach out to the relevant avenues fo assistance. Just as you would contact a plumber for help with an electric water heater, air duct installation is best done with the help of an HVAC company and technician. A qualified HVAC technician will be able to asses your property to see what materials and type of ductwork would provide the best in air distribution and energy efficiency. Make sure to get your air duct and HVAC system in general services annually in order to properly maintain the efficiency of your system. You’ll be able to prevent any major repairs and replacements and have your system tuned up so it may last the rest of it’s expected life span. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about an air duct system get in contact with a professional HVAC company today.

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