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Tips For Winter Furnace Maintenance

Worker Completing Winter Furnace Maintenance

Completing Winter Furnace Maintenance Can Ensure You Have a Reliable Heat Source.

Winter is fast approaching. Before the cold weather officially sets in to stay for a while, it important for your to have your furnace maintenanced in preparation for the season. Winter furnace maintenance ensures that your furnace is working properly and can improve the energy efficiency of your home. For all your winter furnace maintenance, contact Mission Critical Comfort Solutions. We are here to keep your furnace in the best possible condition.

Steps in Winter Furnace Maintenance

It is a good idea to have a professional complete most of them because they will be able to see problems that you might miss. Here are the three most important things to do before you turn your heater on this winter.

Change the Filters
This is perhaps the easiest step in winter furnace maintenance. You can purchase the filters at any hardware store, and you can usually find instructions on how to change them in the owner’s manual. Changing the filters allows cleaner air to flow through the system.

Clean Out the Closet
During the summer months when the furnace is not in use, it can be easy to use the furnace closet as a place to store things. When the furnace is turned on, this can cause a fire hazard and make the the heater run less efficiently. It is very important to remove everything from around the furnace before you turn it on.

Have an Inspection
Having a professional inspect and clean all the different parts of your furnace will ensure that you find any problems and correct them before you turn the furnace on. This will improve the efficiency of the heater and keep your family safe this winter.

Schedule your winter furnace maintenance by calling our office at 478-960-5825. We are here to make sure you heater is operational and safe.