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Keeping Cool In The Summer

With summer in full swing, it can be hard to keep your house cooler without racking up your electricity bill. There are some ways that you can keep cool and keep your bill low. Below, we will tell you a few simple tricks that will save you money in a pinch. If you are too hot in your house, make sure you turn your air on or go somewhere that is cool. Also, don’t forget that pets feel everything that you feel so if you are hot, they are hot. You want to save money and keep cool, but sometimes the weather is too hot and running you A/C is just something you might have to do.


Close Your Curtains – The best thing we can recommend is to run your air for a while and close your curtains. Once you turn the air off, you will be able to keep that cool air trapped inside for a little while and on days that you are gone for the entire day, it will make a large difference.

Fans Fans Fans – When you really need to cool off quickly, go into a dark room and point a fan at yourself. This is a great way to keep your air off and still be cool when you are staying in one spot for a while.

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