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3 Benefits of Whole Home Air Filtration

Your home’s air could be full of allergens, dirt, chemicals, and more particles that could be contributing to funny odors or even health problems. Whole house air filtration systems can provide unmatched protection against allergens and other contaminants that can lead to unhealthy air. While portable air filtration systems can eliminate pollutants in your air, they don’t come close to the work of a whole house filtration system. In fact, these systems provide outstanding benefits that can’t be found with any type of portable or miniature filtration system.

Whole House Air Filtration Provides Constant, Effective Air Purification for Every Room.

Quieter Operation

Portable filtration units are noisy and irritating. The humming sound that they project can cause problems from minor annoyance to lack of sleep for small children or anxiety for pets. Whole house filtration systems attach to your HVAC unit, so there is no heavy exposed equipment to make an annoying humming or vibration noises that can be disruptive.

Extended HVAC System Life

As your HVAC system operates, it naturally picks up dust, dirt, and other contaminants that can contribute to untimely wear and tear of your unit. However, the installation of a whole house filtration system can alleviate the effects of these particles by filtering them before they reach your air or heat system.

Long-Lasting Comfort

On average, you can expect your whole house filtration system to last about twice as long as a portable system. This is simply because whole house systems are created to be more durable. These systems are also much more sturdy and provide more powerful air filtration that their portable counterparts.

Whether you need healthier, less polluted air for your health or you simply want to enjoy fresher breathing, call the professionals at Mission Critical Comfort Solutions for guidance on the ideal whole house air filtration system for your home. Contact our experts today at 478-960-5825.